why custom clothing?

The idea of wearing custom clothing is so very attractive, but isn’t it expensive? Why would you pay more for a suit or other articles of clothing to be made for you when you could simply find them hanging and ready to buy for less in the stores?

There’s a little thing called value. There’s the way they fit and how you look and feel in custom clothing. There’s the fact that those pieces last years and years and years. And finally, there’s the opportunity to add your personal style and flair.

Let’s dive in…

why custom clothing?

Hands down, you get a better fit.

Anyone who wants to look good knows that fit means everything. It’s essentially the key to dressing your body in the most flattering way. And since custom clothing is made to your precise measurements, you also feel good because it allows for ease and comfort in just the right places; nothing’s too loose or too tight.

why custom clothing?

Custom-made clothing is made with more attention and higher-quality materials.

High-quality isn’t a priority for many off-the-rack pieces. They’re all about being cost effective and that means mass production, the very opposite of custom made. Also, those clothes don’t go through a process that allows tailors and other professionals to ensure every detail is just so. For example, did you know that a particular number of stitches helps keep the fabric durable?

Speaking of fabric, with custom clothing, you can select nicer fabrics that better suit your needs or environment, including cotton, wool, blended natural fibers, silk and more. Say you live in a cooler climate, then you have the opportunity to choose heavier-weight fabrics or those with a tighter weave or blend. If you’re in a warmer climate, you would want something lighter and with more breathable fabric to keep you comfortable.

why custom clothing?

You’ll spend less time and effort.

There’s no spending hours looking through racks and racks of clothing, picking out options, then trying on garment after garment. And after all the effort, you feel frustrated and tired. And that’s if you can tolerate or even enjoy shopping. If you don’t, it’s sheer torture.

Work with a stylist and/or a tailor and you’ll have something for your effort. And not just something, but something amazing. To get the most out of your experience, be sure you communicate well with your tailor, and be clear about your needs and preferences. But your tailor isn’t just taking your order; you should also listen to his or her suggestions and advice.

why custom clothing?

What’s your personal style?

There’s nobody just like you. Which is why it’s practically impossible to find ready-to-wear clothes made for the masses that really capture your particular, very personal style. With custom clothing, you can get creative, and your choices absolutely influence the final product. You not only choose the fabric, but lots and lots of features and design options. They include:


  • It’s the first thing people notice about you, even before the type and quality of your fabric can impress them.
  • Color can strongly affect the first impression you’ll make.

Collar Design

  • You can enhance certain features of your face and/or upper body simply by choosing a particular collar design.
  • Styles include conventional point, spread, button-down and more unusual ones such as a pin or tab collar.

Other Features

  • You can choose the shape of your cuffs, whether they’re squared off or have rounded corners, for example.
  • You can add a chest pocket or two, or have none to get a cleaner look for your shirt. You can also choose the shapes of your pockets.
  • Do you want stripes? Do you want patterns? And the choices continue…

why custom clothing?

Custom-made clothing should last longer.

With a purchase like this, you definitely want to think long term. Think of your custom-made clothing as a great long-term investment; with higher-quality material and tailoring, you should have fewer issues and can happily avoid having to buy replacement outfits. There are even a few extra things you can have done to extend a custom garment’s already longer lifespan:

French Seams

  • These seams give your clothing more security and durability, preventing threads from getting caught up or damaged.
  • They give a cleaner, more finished appearance.


  • Adding gussets to stress points in your clothing (such as the lower side seams, the crotch of undergarments or the collar of a shirt) can help reduce the amount of stress that’s being applied to those areas.

If you want to have clothing that lasts, clothing that enhances the way you look and feel, and clothing that has all the things you value when you put something on, consider having something custom made. You will never again experience attending a meeting, going to an event or, heck, doing anything in an awkward, uncomfortable outfit. Let Bonaire help you find your best-dressed self.