the proper arrangement for wearing florals

The word for the day is anthophobia. It’s a fear of flowers and we certainly hope you don’t suffer from it. We also hope you’re not afraid to wear floral prints! Not only can florals be beautiful, you can use them to express yourself and your style. In other words, floral prints aren’t relegated simply to Easter dresses and Hawaiian shirts. That said, we do have some guidelines that can help you be more comfortable putting a floral outfit together.

The Proper Arrangement for Wearing Florals

1   Do more with less.

It’s easy to go overboard with floral prints. To keep your look balanced, choose one piece to be your “bloom,” so to speak, and make it a more focal piece such as your dress or your jacket. You want to keep your accessories to a minimum, and assuming your florals are brighter colors, your accessories should be more muted. Same with your shoes.

The Proper Arrangement for Wearing Florals

2   make the size of the flowers work for you.

Just like upholstery and wallpaper, large prints give the impression that they’re on a large area. Do you want to make your “area” look large? Didn’t think so. And vice versa, the smaller the print, the smaller your frame appears. In fact, choose florals with flowers that are no larger than your hand span; think anything between 3 inches and 5inches per flower.

The Proper Arrangement for Wearing Florals

3   placement matters.

This is important. You’re going to call attention to where you place your flowers. So put that floral print to work! For example, not having a good leg day? Wear a floral top that will draw attention away from your legs. Wear white pants and you’re working it. Or maybe you want to show off your legs! Wear some floral pants with a black or muted top and you’re good. You can absolutely make florals work to your advantage if you do it right.

The Proper Arrangement for Wearing Florals

4   one floral print only, please

It’s really hard to mix and match prints, especially when one (or more!) of them is a floral, so do this at your own risk. If you’re in a daring and adventurous mood, why not add a leather jacket to your outfit instead? You’ll achieve the same feeling without the danger of putting together clashing floral prints.

The Proper Arrangement for Wearing Florals

5    floral prints can work all year ‘round.

Unlike flowers in your garden, floral prints are in season all year. Just remember, like with any print, to choose the styles and colors that work for the season.

Here’s to flower power! Incorporate floral prints into your wardrobe, and follow these simple guidelines to wearing them. If you’re still not sure, don’t hesitate to talk to one of our Bonaire style consultants. Get your bloom on!