technology company? fashion company? service company?

the answer is yes.

it’s all about you 

about us

Just like the custom clothing we make, we tried on the idea of creating a company that was powered by advanced technology, yet had the bespoke quality that only comes from superb craftsmanship and service. And while we had to make some adjustments as we measured, fit and styled the business to meet our wants and needs, we’re thrilled with the special experience and value we offer our customers.


Bonaire is a clothing company that knows the importance of superior quality, cut, design, style, fit and… choice.

When you look good on the outside, you feel good on the inside. Pair that feeling with the ability to make your own choices along with excellent fashion advice, and you can count on Bonaire to be your custom clothier for life.

Bonaire is a tech-focused company that embraces the new era of 3D body scanning, using the most advanced way to get quick and accurate 360° body measurements.

This precise scientific process means fewer mistakes, smoother coordination and faster procedures.

Bonaire is a service company that understands we need to earn your business. And your trust.

Everything we do is tailored to create a positive, unique and delightful customer experience you’ll find refreshing in a market that can be discouraging and frustrating. We want you to absolutely love the new way you buy clothes and how Bonaire custom-fitted clothing makes you feel.

And we have a coffee bar!

Why? It’s just another way to create something for you that fits you precisely. Pop into our Common Thread Coffee Bar and let us serve up your fav bev or nosh.

Leadership Team

Visionary + President

Mike Kindle

As a five-year-old growing up in Middleton, New York, Mike would tag along with a sewing machine repairman named Frankie. Together they would go to warehouses in the garment district where Frankie would teach Mike how to fix the machines. Mike’s small hands would quickly thread needles and bobbins, and he became fascinated with the mechanism of sewing…

Fast forward to Mike, now with an MBA from the University of Connecticut School of Business and a professional engineer and manager at General Dynamics Electric Boat. After using a 3D CAD system with his latest design, he was exploring a commercial 3D scanner that was being used in medical, fitness and fashion applications, considering it as a technological solution to more simply operate and maintain the boats. As he was preparing to present designs to a large client, his boss “lit into him” for wearing jeans, regardless of how nice his outfit looked. It struck a chord with the rebel in him, and he vowed he was going to make jeans “fit for the barroom and the board room.”

The culmination of his early fascination with sewing machines, research on 3D scanners, and his rebellious affinity for jeans came together and the fashion tech company, Bonaire, was born.

Design Sage

Debra Kindle

Debra is the quiet force behind our style and fashion direction, and she is all about delivering a stellar Bonaire customer experience.

Armed with a fashion degree from the Illinois Institute of Art, Debra’s interest began when she was just six years old. After her grandmother taught her to sew by hand and her mother introduced her to the sewing machine, Debra began fashioning clothes for her dolls.

In high school, she won a McCall’s pattern contest when she created a maroon taffeta ballgown by customizing two different patterns. After high school, she went to Belgium and absorbed European fashion where many wore “dressed up” jeans for business events. In college she discovered grunge, edged with European flair.

Her Hungarian family roots prove her natural gift as her mother’s family owned a vest-making company and her father’s family were all tailors. Fashion and fabrication is indeed in her blood.

Debra’s passion at Bonaire is to help each person marry their clothing with their personality so each truthfully enhances the other. Her fashion advice? Elongate your line. From your hair down to your shoes.

Style Consultant

Dantè Nimmo

Dantè is all about style. After studying Fashion Merchandising & Design, Sales and Marketing at the American Academy of Art (and Acting at New York University), he came back to Hampton Roads where he became a stylist with Michael Kors, and a Junior Youth Leader with Young Life. These days, we’re so pleased to have Dantè’s special eye and flair on the Bonaire team.

Dantè’s style advice: Because fashion is a reflection of your personality, there is no such thing as “the wrong style.” As a Bonaire style consultant, I will help you find the style that is right for you. After all, it is your style, so, have fun with it!

Fun facts: I love fashion shoots and it would be a dream come true to shoot an inventive editorial fashion shoot in one of the grungiest places the cities of the world have to offer. And if we run into trouble, I have a black belt in Taekwondo…


Indra Kindle

Indra’s coffee advice: Our coffees are meant to be relished, not gulped. Taste the smooth cup of rich coffee as it slips off your tongue, and don’t forget to gaze at the latte art that floats atop your brew.

Fun fact: I love sheepdogs. The first dog that I have owned is a Shetland Sheepdog named Sniffer. He’s fifteen years old and one of the most loyal dogs!