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What is custom-made clothing?

Custom-made and tailor-made both mean that a piece of clothing has been made specifically for you.

What is the difference between custom made and bespoke?

If a piece of clothing has been custom made, it means it was literally created just for you. A clothier/seamstress/tailor will take many measurements and create a pattern from which your piece of clothing is made. Bespoke, on the other hand, also means that a garment has been made for you (it is “spoken for”), but is of the highest quality with the most hand construction. It is also—naturally—most expensive.

By the way, two other terms to understand in relation to these are made to measure, which means a basic pattern is modified for you based on a few measurements, and off the rack, which is literally shopping for already-made clothing that has not been fitted to you in any way, and purchasing it “off the rack.”

Are custom-made suits worth it?

The main reasons to own a custom-made suit are: fit, fit and fit. Your suit should fit your posture and the shape of your shoulders. Your sleeve length should be right for your arms. And on and on… A good quality suit is one that’s made to your exact body measurements. Period. In fact, it is better to have a lower quality fabric (we are not endorsing this, by the way), in a suit that is made to fit you, than buy thousands of dollars worth of off-the-rack purchases that do not fit well.

How can you tell the difference between a great suit and a not-so-great suit?

Two words: Fit and fabric. The fit of your suit is arguably the most important factor in a good quality suit. It also has the greatest impact on how your suit looks—and feels—on you. Ask yourself, if the suit doesn’t fit you perfectly, why buy it? And then there’s fabric… Outer and inner lining. You want a natural, durable fabric, which is also breathable during the warmer months. And pay attention to the thread; the thicker the thread and the higher the thread count are good measures.


How is technology used in the fashion industry?

Today, fashion technology is growing at a faster pace than ever. From robots that sew and cut fabric, to AI algorithms that predict style trends, to Virtual Reality mirrors in dressing rooms, technology is automating, personalizing, and speeding up every aspect of fashion. BUT. Bonaire brings technology and personalized service together, offering you the best of both worlds.

You’ll enjoy custom-made clothing that not only fits you precisely with the help of our advanced 3D Body Optic Scanning System, your design options with guidance from our style consultants make it uniquely yours.

What is the technology in the Bonaire fitting process?

Bonaire’s fitting software enables 3D body analysis, scanning, measurement and visualization, and is the best in class from the world’s first and largest 3D body scanner manufacturer serving the fashion, medical, and fitness industries. Our body scanner’s advantages include:

  • Capturing a high-accuracy scan of you in just one second
  • Full, 360° body coverage
  • Data processing time is less than eight seconds (to create your avatar, extract your measurements, and save your files)
  • Best-in-class body measurement extraction software that allows thousands of no-contact measurements
  • ​Point-to-point measurement for specific needs

How does the scanner work?

While the creation of custom-made clothing requires measuring, it’s pretty hard to do from six feet away. That’s why our 3D Body Optic Scanning System (BOSS), is more valuable than ever; it allows us to measure you with no touching at all. You step into our private scanning booth wearing close-fitting underwear and hold your arms up, very similar to getting through security at the airport. You’ll get scanned in just a few seconds, resulting in an accurate 3D avatar of your body.

By the way, we don’t take pictures during the scanning process; your body is measured with white light only.

Do I have to be scanned/measured every time?

No, just one time, unless your body measurements have changed. We will keep your measurements on file for you so you can continue to enjoy having clothing made precisely for you.

What does the digital “mirror” allow me to see?

It looks like a mirror, but it’s not; our Styling Monitor is where you’ll see your 3D digital avatar appear. What’s cool is that you can instantly customize your clothing choices directly on your avatar, from sleeves to collars, from pockets to stitching, from one color to the next. This allows you to immediately see how your choices work together.


How does the Bonaire process work?

Your journey to knowing how good it feels to be outfitted in custom-made clothing starts with a one-on-one appointment in our Bonaire showroom. During this appointment, you’ll be scanned in our special booth using our Body Optic Scanning System (BOSS), where precise measurements will be made of your body.

One of our style consultants will next help you select fabrics, buttons, pocket styles, stitching colors and more (so much more!), walking you through all the design choices for your suit, jacket, shirt or jeans. About four weeks later, your custom-made garment will be delivered and your stylist will make sure you are ecstatic with the way it fits and looks on you.

How long does it take before I get my custom clothing?

Typically, your clothing will take about four weeks to create once you’ve been measured and your choices have been made. Bonaire’s advanced, made-to-measure process allows us to make careful size adjustments very precisely, so your fit is digitally controlled, helping eliminate mistakes or misunderstandings.

After your Bonaire style consultant has contacted you that your custom clothing is on its way, you can choose to have it delivered directly to you, or you can have it delivered to our showroom where you can try on your new clothes with your style consultant available to ensure your fit is just perfect for you.