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What you do and how you present yourself reflects who you are. So why don’t you have more say in how your clothes look and fit? You should. And with Bonaire, you do.

Bonaire is your go-to for creating casual wear, business wear and formal wear that you can wear everywhere.

Suits shouldn’t be the only thing tailored in your wardrobe. Dress shirts, pants, vests and jeans can and should all be fitted to your needs, your style and your body. Be who you are. You can, in custom clothing that truly fits you.


Do you prefer skinny jeans or relaxed fit? High-rise or low-rise? Bell bottoms or distressed? Your Bonaire custom-fit jeans give you SO many choices including waistbands and pocket styles, belt loops and buttons, stitching color and monograms. And then there’s the material...


One way to keep your shirt on? Design it yourself! Does the shirt you design have pleats and plackets? How many buttons? What does your shirt tail look like? What about the collar and the cuffs? Short or long sleeves? Contrast fabric and monogram? Oh, the many fantastic choices...


Put on your suit and conquer the world. Whether you want three pieces (jacket, vest and pants) or two, you have lots of style choices you can make. What fabric do you prefer? Single- or double breasted? Lapel, collar, number of pockets, sleeves, buttons, lining… It’s all up to you. Do you want pleats in your pants? Belt loops? Cuffs? What about a monogram? We make it easy for you to make your suit exactly the way you want it.


Are you searching for a tuxedo or formal wear that can make you feel as good as you look? Make sure you’re ready, and picture worthy, especially on memorable occasions. With a customized fit, you’re already ahead of the game. Now select the style that, well, suits you best and you won’t have to settle for something that’s less than perfect. You can count on guidance from a Bonaire style consultant (or not), and make all the choices that will make your tuxedo a “you” original.

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