it’s all in the details

personalize when you accessorize


accessories can change your look

and when you look good, you feel good

You’ve recognized the value and made the effort to dress well. Now it’s time to finish—dare we say polish— your look with accessories. Small but mighty, the right accessories can absolutely elevate your appearance to “Um hmm, they got it going on.” The perfect-color tie. The just-right pocket square. The cufflinks that give you the shining confidence that you are all that…

If you want some guidance, or just a second opinion, a Bonaire style consultant can help you choose the accessories that will add the perfect finishing touches.


Silk or not? Solid color or pattern? Matching your suit or bold contrast? Find the tie that fits your style and physical build from our curated collection, paying attention to width and length. It is definitely time to tie it up.


Do you want sparkle? Bling? Or do you want simplicity and understated glam? Far more than simple tools that keep your cuffs fastened, cufflinks can be the ornamental detail that sets you apart. Enjoy choosing the shape, style, size and material that suits you best.

bow ties

Whether it’s for a formal event, a whimsical touch, or part of your personal style, choosing the right bow tie is an important part of dressing. Bonaire offers you a beautiful selection of solid, patterned, bright or subtle bow ties. But really, can a bow tie be subtle? We think not.

pocket squares

Ah, pocket squares. Looking oh, so nonchalant—while, of course, you have very deliberately chosen the right one and folded it properly—your pocket square (AKA hankie) can immediately elevate your look. Choose wisely.

choose your

style, fit, fabric, cuffs…


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